10 Snoring Solutions Your Partner Will Be Thankful For

Snoring is a very common affliction that isn’t dangerous for someone’s health, but it can be very annoying for those sleeping with you. Most of the times, people snore when they sleep on their back or when their lifestyle is quite unhealthy. In order to reduce it, there are many things you can try at home before visiting a doctor. If, of course, the issue persists, you might need to visit a sleep clinic.

1. Choose the right mattress.

2. Sleep on your side.

3. Sleep face down


4. If you sleep on your back, prop yourself up accordingly.

5. Practice singing exercises.

6. Try to hug something.

7. Open your nasal passages.


8. Change your pillows more often.

9. Get enough exercise.


10. Losing tongue fat may help to improve sleep apnea.


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