Chiefs player Chris Jones shows his support for teammate Harrison Butker

Kansas City Chiefs superstar defensive tackle Chris Jones took to X on Thursday night to offer support to his teammate Harrison Butker, the team’s kicker. Butker has been on the receiving end of backlash from far-left extremists over a commencement speech in which he endorsed traditional gender roles and affirmed his Catholic faith.

I love you @buttkicker7! My brotha,” Jones wrote in an X post while tagging Butker’s account. The post quote-tweeted by Jones contained references to a number of NFL superstars, including former Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill, who have been arrested for crimes like domestic violence and assault.

A five-time pro-bowler, Jones has established himself as one of the best defensive players in the NFL. He recently signed an extension that will keep him in Kansas City — where he has won three Super Bowl rings — for the foreseeable future.

Sales of Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker’s jersey have soared after his pro-traditionalism commencement speech at a private Catholic college drew the ire of far-left extremists earlier this week.

According to, Butker’s jersey sales are among the most popular as of this report. Only Travis Kelce remains more popular as of this report.

Local outlet KCTV also reported on increased sales reported by Kansas City retailers. One such retailer, the Rally House, told the outlet that they are completely sold out of Butker jerseys.

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