Girls shouldn’t be admitted to the Boy Scouts. Boys shouldn’t be admitted to the Girl Scouts.

The Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts are two separate organizations with their own histories, traditions, and values. While both organizations aim to provide young people with opportunities for personal growth and leadership development, they have chosen to do so in different ways that reflect their respective missions.

The Boy Scouts of America has historically been an organization for boys, focusing on outdoor skills, leadership, and character development. The Girl Scouts of the USA, on the other hand, has been an organization for girls, with a focus on empowerment, community service, and leadership development.

Allowing girls to join the Boy Scouts and boys to join the Girl Scouts would fundamentally change the nature of these organizations. It’s important to recognize and respect the distinct missions and traditions of both the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts and to ensure that they continue to provide unique and valuable experiences for young people.

Furthermore, there are already co-ed scouting options available, such as the Scout Association in the UK and many other similar organizations around the world. These co-ed options can provide opportunities for young people to participate in scouting activities together while still preserving the distinct cultures and traditions of the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts.

Ultimately, it’s important to support both the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts in their efforts to fulfill their respective missions and to provide positive experiences for young people. By maintaining the single-gender focus of these organizations, they can continue to offer unique and valuable opportunities for boys and girls to develop leadership skills, build character, and make a positive impact on their communities.

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