Joe Biden’s Stunning Plastic Surgery Exposed By Experts

Amid swirling rumors and expert observations, the fountain of youth may just be a surgeon’s skilled hands, as President Joe Biden has reportedly splurged on cosmetic enhancements to craft an image of vitality for another presidential run.

Biden has allegedly spent a significant sum on cosmetic procedures to appear more vital and capable of handling another term in the Oval Office, according to numerous plastic surgeons.

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie commented to the National Enquirer, “I would estimate that over the years Joe Biden has spent up to $100,000 on plastic surgery!” He suggested that Biden’s cosmetic enhancements are strategically aimed at bolstering his political image.

One Washington, D.C. insider said, “The cosmetic procedures are clearly a political move to help him make the public and colleagues believe he’s fit enough for a second term.” A group of leading plastic surgeons, who have not treated Biden, believe the president, at age 81, has undergone a variety of treatments. “He looks completely different,” said Dr. Yoel Shahar from New York’s

Dr. Jonathan Kaplan, a cosmetic surgeon from San Francisco, explained, “He’s had a facelift, which can run anywhere from $40,000 to $250,000.” Dr. Nicholas Jones from Atlanta said to the outlet, “If we look closely at his sideburns, there is a straight, unnatural edge that could be a telltale sign of a facelift scar.”

Dr. Javad Sajan from Seattle noted, “It has become tighter with time, which is often a sign of a neck lift.”


The most noticeable sign of Botox is the smoothing of wrinkles and fine lines, particularly between the eyebrows, around the eyes, and on the forehead. Skin in these areas may appear unusually smooth and wrinkle-free compared to the rest of the face. Additionally, there might be limited facial mobility. Another indicator could be a slight drooping or asymmetry, especially if the Botox was not applied symmetrically.

Dr. Otto Placik from Chicago pointed to the smoothness above and below Biden’s eyes—along with their narrower shape—as signs he has undergone upper and lower eyelid lifts. He also believes the president’s surfboard-smooth forehead is the result of “Botox as well as extensive fillers.”

Despite these enhancements, a political insider expressed his skepticism about their impact on voters: “He isn’t fooling anybody,” the source said. “It will take more than a facelift to convince voters. They’re smarter than that.”

Attempts by Joe Biden to recapture momentum in the presidential race have run headfirst into a wall of polls that show him badly trailing former President Donald Trump in key states.

Recent polls, released by Bloomberg News/Morning Consult, show Trump with a clear 6-point lead over the incumbent in six of seven battleground states that will determine the 2024 election. Those states — Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Nevada, North Carolina, Georgia and Arizona — were either lost or only narrowly won by Trump in 2020. The only lead still held by President Biden is in Michigan, where he is ahead by just 2 points.

The survey’s overall result is an amalgam, with Trump holding narrower leads in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania while extending his gains in Nevada, North Carolina, Georgia and Arizona. Respondents told pollsters that the state of the economy is top of mind, with 55% claiming it is getting worse and only 18% saying things are improving.

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