Shelter dog would always stand at the window, waiting for someone to adopt him — now his wait is over

All shelter dogs dream of the day they’ll finally find a home of their own. Visit any shelter and you can see it on their faces — those heartbreaking looks that say “please adopt me.”
That was the case for one dog, who’s heartbreaking looks made him go viral on social media – and now, he has the happy ending he deserves.
A 2-year-old pit bull terrier named Steven Tyler arrived at Bradshaw Animal Shelter, in Sacramento, California, on July 25. The poor dog waited months in the shelter, and would spend his days eagerly waiting for someone to adopt him.
The shelter posted a TikTok video of Steven Tyler standing at the window of kennel, as if looking out for any passerby who can give him a home. They shelter said that he would do this same thing every day.

They also said the only time he is not at the window, he is cuddling with his best friend in the shelter.
It’s a heartbreaking video, and it shows just how lonely Steven Tyler is. Bradshaw Animal Shelter hoped that people would see the video and be moved to adopt – they even waived his adoption fees.

“With a face like that, I couldn’t believe he had been at our shelter for two months waiting for a home, but it’s a difficult time in the animal welfare world right now and adoptions have been very slow,” Luna Anona, the shelter’s public information officer, told Newsweek.
“I thought, if everyone could see what I’m seeing right now, somebody will surely come give this dog a happily ever after.”
People were moved by the story: the video was viewed over 650,000 times on TikTok and thousands more on Facebook.
Thousands of comments expressed hope that the lonely dog would be adopted soon.

Thankfully, Steven Tyler’s longing is finally over — he’s been adopted!
The plan to get the word about about this sweet dog worked: “His new family saw his video and brought their entire family, including their existing dog Tahoe, to the shelter to meet him,” Bradshaw Animal Shelter wrote on Facebook. “As soon as they met, they knew he was coming home with them.

“He’s a gem,” the family said. “He got along with our dog instantly, and he is SO good with our kids. He’s sweet and loving and it feels like he’s been here forever. He fits our family perfectly.”
Apparently not Aerosmith fans, they have renamed the dog from Steven Tyler to

We’re so glad that Steven Tyler/Donner has been adopted! It’s clear he wanted to be adopted more than anything and it’s amazing that his lonely wait is finally over
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