Barbara Streisand Claims That Donald Trump Will Destroy Democracy If Elected





Barbara Streisand is back at it, complaining about Donald Trump and telling her few remaining fans about the plans that she has if he is elected president. After causing a stir by saying that she would leave the country if Donald were to win in 2024, Streisand is now saying that a Trump victory would mark the end of democracy in America as we know it.

Streisand took to X to share her wild opinion, which is a fitting place for her to spout off with her ridiculous take. Elon Musk made sure that his users are able to say almost any type of opinion and then duke it out in the court of public opinion. Streisand tried to do exactly that, and she is not winning the battle for hearts and minds.
Streisand wrote, “Donald Trump was found by a federal judge to have orchestrated an insurrection. He watched as the chaos and violence ensued and did nothing to stop it. He still lies about the election results and if he gets re-elected he will destroy our democracy.”

Now the first claim in there has been asked over for years now and there is not need to once again discuss the merit of the constant attacks against Donald Trump regarding the January 6th protests. That tired game has run its course and dragged on far too long.

One quick look into the comments below the post show that she is wildly out of touch with those who posted the most popular and upvoted comments.
One hilarious and on point commenter wrote, “I’ve always loved your voice and grew up listening to your music. However, I cannot bring myself to stomach your music anymore since you have used your fame to spread your lies. How disappointing. I will never spend another penny on anything that has your name on it.”

Streisand also found herself at the center of negative attention, which might have been the goal, when she announced that she would be leaving the United States of America should Donald Trump return the Oval Office.

The American Tribune reported on the outlandish take from Streisand, who also claimed that she thinks that Joe Biden is doing a good job running the country.

Streisand’s willingness to so quickly give up on her country is a symptom of a greater dislike of America and its values. If she isn’t willing to stick it out during what she thinks are the worst times in America, then it’s nice that she’ll be gone when we once a gain see prosperity.


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