WATCH: Rogan And Guest Roast “The View,” Torches One Host In Particular

Speaking during a podcast with African-American author Coleman Hughes about his contentious appearance on “The View” to discuss his new book, “The End of Race Politics: Arguments for a Colorblind America,” podcast host Joe Rogan torched the co-hosts of “The View,” particularly Sunny Hostin. Rogan said the co-hosts were obnoxious.

As background, when Hughes appeared on “The View,” co-host Sunny Hostin went on the attack against him, particularly his “argument for colorblindness.” She said that Hughes, based on his support of the argument for color-blind policies, was a “charlatan of sorts” because he and the argument are “used as a pawn by the right.”

Hughes, to his credit, stood his ground when pressed by Hostin on the matter. Instead of backing down, he argued that he had not been “co-opted” and that she was launching an ad hominem attack on him rather than seriously wrestling with the arguments. He said, “I don’t think there’s any evidence I’ve been co-opted by anyone and I think that’s an ad-hominem tactic people use to not address, really, the important conversations we’re having here.”

Rogan, speaking to Hughes about the event, joked that “The View” is a show that “people love to hate.” Particularly, he argued, people love to skewer the hosts for saying “ridiculous things,” which would likely include Hostin’s attack on Hughes, and that he thinks “The View” is a “rabies-infested henhouse.”

Hughes, for his part, said that he decided to make his appearance on the show despite having “no idea what to expect.” He added that he was similarly in the dark about the co-host that really went on the attack against him, Sunny Hostin, telling Rogan, “I didn’t know who Sunny Hostin was, I actually still really don’t know.”

Continuing, Hughes told Rogan that he wasn’t expecting the attack, but the silver lining of it is that the segment, and thus advertising for his book, went viral. He said, “I wasn’t expecting necessarily for her to kind of try to ambush me in that way and attack my character in that way and I responded to it in the moment as I do, and I didn’t expect it to go as viral as it did, but I think it arguably went more viral than anything I’ve ever done.”

Hughes then added that he thought the show’s audience was generally agreeing with him and his arguments over Hostin and her ad hominem attacks, telling Rogan, “At the same time, it seemed like the most interesting part was their audience seemed to be on my side.” He also argued that Hostin had an agenda for the segment, not a good-faith attempt to discuss and consider the book. “I think she came into it with an agenda,” he said.

Rogan argued that “The View” has a problem at its root, which is that it “has this very specific ideological bubble in which they operate in, and they always bring on a token conservative woman, they yell over her and silence her, and you know they did that with Megan McCain.”

Watch them discuss “The View” here:

Featured image credit: screengrab from the embedded video.

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