Today I have an easy prayer: Please heal the broken. Restore happiness to the depressed. Make The Sick Well. Bring love to the lonely, food to the hungry & peace to our world.

Dear friends,

As we gather together in prayer today, I invite you to join me in a moment of reflection and hope. Our hearts are heavy with the weight of the world’s pain, but let us also remember the power of healing, restoration, and compassion.

Let us send forth a collective prayer, seeking divine guidance and grace to heal the broken. May those who are hurting, physically or emotionally, find solace and strength in their journey towards wholeness. Let us hold them in our thoughts, offering them comfort and support in their times of need.

In our quest for happiness and fulfillment, let us remember those who battle depression. May they find rays of hope and light amidst the darkness that engulfs them. Let us reach out to them with kindness and understanding, seeking to uplift their spirits and remind them of their inherent worth.

As we pray for the sick, let us visualize their restoration and recovery. May their bodies be rejuvenated, their minds find peace, and their souls be uplifted. Let us stand by them as pillars of support, offering our love and care, so that they may regain their health and vitality.

In a world rife with loneliness, let our prayer be a beacon of connection and love. May the lonely souls find companionship and meaningful relationships that bring them joy and fulfillment. Let us promote inclusion and embrace the outcast, ensuring that they feel seen, heard, and valued.

As we think of those who go to bed hungry, let our prayer break the cycle of hunger and scarcity. May we work collectively to ensure that no one suffers from lack of food or nourishment. Let us extend a helping hand, donating our resources and time, to alleviate the hunger that plagues our fellow human beings.

Lastly, let our prayer be for peace, both within ourselves and throughout the world. May the conflicts that divide us be resolved through dialogue and understanding. Let us cultivate compassion, patience, and forgiveness, knowing that true peace begins within our hearts.

In this prayer, we ask for miracles, not only for ourselves but for all humanity. Together, let us believe in the transformative power of love, showing kindness and empathy wherever we go. Our small actions can create ripples of change, igniting a wave of positivity that can reshape our world.

May divine grace guide our path as we embark on this collective journey towards healing, restoration, and peace. And may our hearts always remain open, for it is in giving that we receive the greatest blessings.

With warmest wishes,


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