WATCH: John Mellencamp Infuriates Audience With Pro-Biden Rant, Ends Concert After They Boo

In an absolutely wild performance, singer John Mellencamp paused his concert to deliver a pro-Biden message and then, when the audience booed and made clear its preference for his music over his political lectures, called an early halt to the concert and stormed off stage after teasing the audience with “Jack and Diane,” much to the audience’s annoyance.

In the video of the incident that emerged and quickly went viral on X (formerly Twitter), Mellencamp can be seen arguing with a member of the audience, who shouted “Just play some music” as he delivered a political lecture. Mellencamp responded by saying “you don’t know me” and “you don’t f***ing know me” as the audience booed, with the booing having been provoked by the pro-Biden lecture he delivered in the middle of the concert.

Obviously annoyed, he then tells the audience that he’s going to cut 10 songs off of the concert because of the audience’s behavior. “Since you’ve been so wonderful, I’m gonna cut about 10 songs out of the show,” he said. “Guys, I can stop this show right now and just go home,” he had said in the segment of the video right before that.

Evidently, that’s what he decided to do, as he then began to start singing his hit song “Jack and Diane,” but, just moments into it, he stopped singing and said, “You know what, show’s over.” Then, without another word, he turned around and stormed off stage.

The incident soon took off on X, with X personality Amiri King posting, “Biden supporter John Cougar Mellencamp throws a tantrum and storms off stage after he learns his audience doesn’t want to be politically lectured and would rather get what they paid for.” That post had garnered over a million impressions at the time this article was written.

Citizen Free Press, posting the same video, captioned it by saying, “John Mellencamp storms off stage after promoting Biden. The audience didn’t want to hear his political opinions. Maybe Cougar left to suck on a chili dog.”

Watch the video here:

Commenting on the Citizen Free Press version of the post, conservative X personality Charlie Kirk wrote, “Move to Canada, and see how your most famous song plays with “two Canadian kids growing up” as the lyric.” Another commenter added, “You pay to see him play music. The first guy was right. People don’t want a political sermon when they go and see a concert.”

Still another joked, “Old and irrelevant man yells at crowd, remember folks the musicians you listen to actually hate you. Don’t support them just steal their music on YouTube with an ad blocker.” And another said, “I think he did the audience a favor by stopping. He sounded horrible. I’ve heard dog howling better than that.”

One other commenter wrote that they would never go to a Mellencamp concert because of the incident, saying, “After seeing the behavior of that singer John Mellencamp, I never plan to go see his concerts. I don’t want a political sermon when I’m paying to see a music concert.”
Source: FB page-Red Wave News Updates

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