New Rob Reiner Movie Trashing Christians Crashes At Box Office, Makes Less Than $50k At Box Office

Rob Reiner is one of the loudest, most critical voices on social media regarding the current political landscape in America. While he rarely is ever able to pinpoint anything positive from his president, Joe Biden, he still spends most of his days writing posts on X trashing conservatives and GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

It appears the former president broke Reiner so severely during his administration that the “All in the Family” star has never recovered. Reiner is mostly a caricature of what he once was. His character on All in the Family was called ‘Meathead” by protagonist Archie Bunker, and Reiner has spent his life living up to the fictional moniker.

The former actor has spent the last thirty-plus years making movies, with more than one being considered some of the worst in cinema history. The 1994 film “North,” which Reiner directed, was so universally hated that legendary critic Roger Ebert could barely contain his disgust.

The legendary critic wrote at the time: “I hated this movie. Hated hated hated hated hated this movie. Hated it. Hated every simpering stupid vacant audience-insulting moment of it. Hated the sensibility that thought anyone would like it. Hated the implied insult to the audience by its belief that anyone would be entertained by it.”

Ebert went on to single out Reiner: “North” is a bad film – one of the worst movies ever made. But it is not by a bad filmmaker, and must represent some sort of lapse from which Reiner will recover – possibly sooner than I will.” Ebert, who died in 2013, likely could have never imagined that things wouldn’t get much better for Meathead after the debacle that was “North.”

Reiner has had precisely two hit movies since North, with the last being 2007’s “The Bucket List.” That is covering about a dozen films with only two minor box office successes. However, Reiner has hit new depths with his latest release. His latest movie, a documentary-type film aimed at besmirching white Christians, didn’t just fail at the box office; it humiliated the filmmaker.

“God & Country: The Rise of Christian Nationalism” hit 85 theaters nationally, and despite being all over leftist networks and social media promoting his flop, Reiner’s movie was seen by almost no one. That isn’t hyperbole, either. The movie made $38,415 dollars over four days. Breitbart reported that the film was“averaging $451 [per] theater over four days, which is incredibly low. If you assume it had “one showing each day (and likely it had several), it brought in around 112 dollars a day, or ten people a day spread across however many showings.”

One has to wonder how Rob Reiner is still able to make movies. He has done nothing but fail for well over a decade and dedicates most of his time to shilling for Biden and bashing conservatives. Failing upward is one of the benefits of being a leftist, as evidenced by the White House at the moment, but at some point, common sense has to prevail. Perhaps this feeble attempt at a movie will be the last we see of Reiner, that is, unless you go on X. It is virtually impossible to avoid his crazy rants there. The best policy might be just to avoid anything Rob Reiner has been involved in where he isn’t called meathead.

Source: FB page – Red Wave News Updates

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